Boarding Services

DOG BOARDING: Breezy Acres provides indoor/outdoor runs for all dogs. Whenever the weather permits, we open the dog doors so that they can get lots of fresh air, and have the freedom to choose whether to be out in the sun, or inside. The kennel is climate controlled, and we are careful to ensure that it is kept at a comfortable temperature.

CAT BOARDING: We love cats at Breezy Acres--and provide cat boarding at a very reasonable cost. Cats are housed adjacent to our dog runs.

TRAIL HIKES: At Breezy Acres we have 18 acres, 11 of them wooded and full of wildlife. If your dog enjoys brisk walks, ask to have him scheduled for a Trail Hike. Weather permitting, we will take your dog for a 20 minute hike along the trails that run through our woods and around our open fields.

WALKS: If your pet prefers to take care of business while being walked on a leash, just let us know and we will get him out. Walks are a bargain at $3 per walk (5-10 minutes), and there is no limit to how many you can sign up for.

BATHS: Has it been a while since your dog had a bath? Let us give him one for you. Baths include a pre-bath brushing to get out any mats and loose dirt, a thorough scrub with a shampoo appropriate to his age and coat, and finally, some time in front of the blow dryer. Please note: If your pet is going home in the afternoon, we will give him his bath that morning; if you need to pick him up early in the day, we will give him his bath the night before. The cost of a bath varies by size, temperament, and coat.