Frequently Asked Questions

May I tour the kennel? Yes. We encourage all new clients to tour our facilities. Please refer to our hours of operation, or call 513.474.2222 to arrange a time.
Please note that Fridays and Mondays are our busiest days, and are not the best days for an uninterrupted tour.

What vaccines do you require to board? Proof of the following vaccines are required to board.
DOGS: Rabies, Distemper (DHLP), and Bordatella. Note: Breezy Acres does not currently require the canine influenza vaccine, but may adjust this policy in future.
CATS: FVRCP and Rabies
Records may be faxed toll free from you or from your vet to 1-866-745-9436

Does Ohio require boarding kennel inspections? Ohio does not require inspection or licensing for boarding kennels. Breeding kennels, on the other hand, are governed by the Ohio Revised Code (955.02 and 955.04), but Breezy Acres is not, nor ever has been, a breeding kennel. For more information on how to select a boarding kennel, we recommend the Humane Society's guidelines.

My pet is on medications. Can you give him his medicine while he is at the kennel? Yes. We will administer medications for you; please just bring a notecard that lists the name of the medication and the frequency and time it should be administered each day. Please be sure to check that the supply will last through the duration of your pet's stay. If your pet has been recently sick, suffers from a chronic illness or is elderly, we ask that you please consult your vet prior to bringing him to ensure he is well enough for a boarding kennel stay.

Do you have a vet on call 24/7? Breezy Acres does not contract with any one particular vet. When you register for your pet's first visit, we will ask you for your vet's name and will contact both you and your vet's emergency number should we have any concerns about your pet's health during his stay.

What is my dog's routine while at Breezy Acres? Routines for each dog vary based on specific instructions from the owner or purchased services such as trail hikes or walks. Routine may also vary due to temperature and weather. During your dog's stay, we will ensure on a daily basis that:

  • he is allowed as much outdoor time as the weather will allow (dogs are only allowed out briefly during inclement weather for their own safety)
  • his indoor and outdoor space is kept clean and free of waste. All runs are completely disinfected between occupancies, and we spot disinfect any messes he may make during his stay.
  • he is provided fresh water in his own bowl which is refilled during the day as needed
  • he is fed according to the schedule you have indicated
  • he is provided any medications you may have left for him
  • he is provided any scheduled services you have requested
  • he is checked in on on a regular basis, included at bedtime (we live on the premises)
  • he is treated respectfully and affectionately
  • Can I board my dogs together in the same run? You may, though if they roughhouse and we feel it may pose some risk to their safety, we reserve the option of giving them each their own run. Dogs who board in the same run are provided a discounted boarding rate.

    Can my pet socialize with other pets? Unfortunately, no. We know that many owners would like this option, but for your pet's own safety, we do not allow them to interact with other animals during their stay. We do have services such as walks and trail hikes, during which they can get extra socializing time with us, and we are thinking about building a play-time area as well.

    What food do you provide? DOGS: We feed dogs IAMS Lamb and Rice, as we have found it to be easy on the digestive system; this is especially important for dogs who may be feeling somewhat stressed by a change in environment. You are also welcome to bring whatever food your pet is accustomed to.
    CATS: We have Iams cat food on hand or you may bring you cat's food of choice.

    May I bring toys and bedding? Yes. Please make sure all bedding is machine washable. We will make every effort to clean any toys or bedding that your dog may have spilled water on etc., but depending on the timing of your pickup, this may not always be possible.

    Please e-mail or call (513-474-2222) with any other questions you have.